Types And Styles Of Door Locks

Deadbolts offer superior front door security. For solid home security, make sure your deadbolts and locks are pick-resistant and bump-proof. For thieves to not be able to pick your lock, they will use pick shields or mushroom pins to protect it.

You should also take into account the lock’s quality and ease of installation when looking for handles and door locks.

They test on the following criteria: operation, the strength of cycle, security, and material evaluation.

The lock grade indicates how many lock/unlock cycles a lock can go before it stops working. It’s an indicator of the quality of the interior door lock types and not how much security they offer.

Tip – Some exterior door locks will automatically lock when you close the door. If you are concerned about getting your lock locked accidentally, look for one that doesn’t have this feature. You can also read the manufacturer’s instructions to learn how to disable it.

Pick The Right Lock To Fit Your Door

Measure the thickness, cross bore, and backset of your door before buying a lock.

Backset: The distance from the edge of the door to the center of the lock hole. Backsets are usually measured at 2 3/8 inches or 2 1/4 inches.

Cross bore (or edge) bore: This is the small hole located along the edge of the door frame. It usually measures about 1-inch.

Tip: Exterior doors usually measure 1 3/4 inches thick, while Inside doors measure approximately 1 3/8 inches thick.

Door And Lock Handing

Before purchasing door locks, it is important to know the “handling” requirements of your doors. The door’s “handling” indicates whether it is made for left-handed, right-handed, or both.

You can’t find the lock-handedness by looking at it from the outside. This is how you decide door handing when buying doors. Standing on the exterior of the door will help you determine whether the lock is right-handed or left-handed. Pay attention to where the hinges are located. It doesn’t matter if the door swings away or toward you.

Most door locks can be used with both types of doo rehandlings. These locks are referred to as “reversible handling” or “universal handing” and can be installed on either one or both sides of the door.

Benefits Of One Key

Many people appreciate the convenience of having the same key for all their exterior doors.

You should look for packages that share the same “key alike” number when buying more than one lock. Our associates can also key all of your locks using the same key. You can also purchase a kit for rekeying to change pins and springs.

Some models, depending on their manufacturer, have self-rekeying technologies that allow for simple and quick rekeying via an included tool.

Door locks are not only designed to function but also for aesthetics. To find the perfect door lock for you, take a look at images of different types. Shop online for door Keypad Locks and other doors hardware.