Luxury Watches for Christmas

Are you looking for a gift that goes above and beyond your lover’s expectations this Christmas? Then look no further than our top 5 luxury watches for Christmas. There is sure to be the perfect gift for them in our luxury watch collection here at House of Watches.

House of Watches is proud to unveil our top 5 luxury watch brands for him and her this Christmas, from brands that specialise in crafting superior watches from high-quality, lasting materials and boast sheer refinement, even though it’s Christmas the devil is in the detail and these watches are the only gift that’ll set a twinkle in their eyes.

There are plenty of other luxury watches to choose from but here are our top 5 for this Christmas.

Raymond Weil famously fuses two of the finest arts in the world; watch making at music. The lyrically inspired collections are a concerto of sumptuous watches that ooze refinement. Raymond Weil Watches are renowned for their innovative and classically modern designs for men and women. Constantly at the helm of diverse watch making, Raymond Weil Watches are ideal for the modern man or woman who wants the best in premium timekeeping.

Oris have been crafting watches in Switzerland for over 100 years; today their timepieces are purely mechanical and are defined by their distinctive red rotor. In fact, they are one of only a small hand full of Swiss brands that make’s only mechanical watches with principals and skills that have been around for generations making Oris the perfect luxury watch for your partner.

Famed for innovative designs and some of the world’s most beautiful watches, Rado is a brand for the modern couple. Contemporary Swiss designed watches, that combine beautiful craftsmanship and intricate designs that’ll always suit their style. Built to last a lifetime, a Rado watch is the ideal gift for your loved one this Christmas.

With a high-fashion label and Swiss movement, you really can’t go wrong with a Gucci watch. These opulent timepieces are simply irresistible to those who appreciate a solid brand aesthetic that is instantly recognisable. Featuring stunning Italian design that is unmistakably Gucci their watches are the perfect timepiece to gift this Christmas.

Fully refurbished to the highest of standards, you must take a look at our pre-owned Rolex watch collection. House of Watches is the sister company to T. H. Baker, an online and in store jewellers with over 130 years of experience in the jewellery industry and more than 30 stores across the UK. We make sure that we fully inspect all of our pre-owned Rolex watches and that they are refurbished to the highest standard before they are sold on to our customers.

Nothing shows you care more than investing in a timepiece that can stand the test of time. Show them how special they are to you this Christmas by purchasing them the perfect luxury watch of their dreams. Shop our stunning collection of luxury watches online now with House of Watches and give the gift of time for Christmas.