Changing Your Vaping Style Can Minimize the Occurrence of Dry Hits

Every vaper, at some point in their life, might have experienced dry hits. Now, if you are a beginner and just getting the hang of vaping, then the term ‘dry hit’ might be a fairly new concept for you. Dry hits are a distasteful, burnt taste that you might experience when you vape. This in turn leads to a sudden heat-like feeling in your throat.

Understanding Why Dry Hits Occur

Now that you know what dry hits are, you definitely would not want to experience it. This is the reason why you might want to know more about dry hits and how to minimize them. Dry hits occur when there is not enough vape juice in your vaping device. The wick is not soaking the juice, which in turn causes the cotton to burn, releasing the burnt taste.

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Too many dry hits can take a toll on your vaping device. If your vape juice is not the issue, then dry hits might occur due to the below reasons:

  • High wattage settings on your vaping device
  • Not taking enough time between vapes
  • Dry coil or wicks which can happen due to chain vaping or depleting vape juice
  • Vaping too hard from your device
  • Having minimal knowledge about your vaping device

Choosing the wrong e-liquid can also be one of the causes of dry hits. If you have purchased a cheap or low-quality e-liquid, it can cause coil blockage. Secondly, some people might be sensitive to the VG/ PG ratio. If you happen to be on the sensitive side, you might want to try out different variations and settle for one that best suits you.

When you use a vaping device, you need to clean it regularly. This can also be one of the reasons why the coils can get blocked, resulting in dry hits.

Minimizing Dry Hits

Dry hits cannot be eliminated, but you can take measures to minimize the problem by:

  • Ensure that your vape juice is always filled
  • Change your vaping style by taking slow vapes
  • Take note of your wattage setting and adjusting it to the recommended range
  • Replacing the coils when needed
  • Priming your coil and wick before you vape
  • Purchasing a new vaping device, if your older one has worn out
  • Learning about your vaping device before you purchase them
  • Adjusting the VG/PG ratio

When it comes to priming the wick, you need to ensure that the wick is completely soaked into the e-juice. Trimming the wick can also help to prevent clogging of the e-juice inlets.


Dry hits can be avoided if you follow the above tips. Fully saturated wicks can help improve your vaping experience and reduce dry hits.